CJ Sets Up A Committee To Probe Into “Washing Soda” Cocaine Saga

The Judicial Secretary, Justice Alex Opoku-Acheampong, has confirmed reports that the Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, has set up a 4 member committee to unravel the mystery surrounding how cocaine kept in the exhibit room at a registrar’s office of a circuit court metamorphosed into Sodium Bicarbonate. The 4 member committee headed by an Appeal Court Judge, Justice Agnes Dodzi, a High Court Judge, Abdulai Iddrisu, the Chief Judicial Registrar has 7 days within which to submit their report. Drama unfolded at a Circuit Court in Accra on Tuesday when the 1.8 kilogrammes of cocaine exhibit tendered in evidence to the court got swapped with washing soda leading to the discharge of the accused person Nana Ama Martin, who had been standing trial since 2008 for possessing narcotics. The police and the court are in a blame game leading to a petition to the Chief Justice, Georgina Wood, to also look into her stable for possible culprits. According to Justice Opoku Acheampong, there will be a Public hearing tomorrow (Thursday) at the Supreme Court because of the importance attached to the issue. Asked if the 7 days is enough to bring out relevant findings considering how grave the issue is, Justice Opoku Acheampong said: 'We will extend it if it becomes necessary'. Key figures expected to appear before the committee include the trial judge, Mr Eric Kyei Baffour, the court registrar and other court officials including the police investigators among others.