Bartels Indicts Committees Probing Swapped Cocaine Exhibit

A former Interior Minister, Kwamena Bartels, under whose tenure some cocaine exhibits got swapped with powdered cassava (Kokonte) while in the custody of the police, has told Citi News the four-member committee set up by the Chief Justice to investigate a recent similar case cannot be trusted to do an independent job. He also made similar arguments against the various committees set up by the Ghana Police Service and the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) to probe the same matter. “The police can’t investigate an issue in which they are themselves suspected to be part of it,” he said. “The judiciary cannot investigate themselves. You can’t be a judge in your own case. ” Hon. Bartels suggested a totally independent body be set up to deal with the matter to avoid bias. “My recommendation is that we should have an independent committee to look at the loss and see what systemic failures occasioned the loss and to make recommendations. “We should stop this habit of always assigning political colours to issues which affect the nation such us this one. The NDC used it so terribly against the NPP and now you could see quite clearly that the NPP are excited about it,” he added. An independent committee chaired by a former MP Kojo Armah was set up during Mr Bartels’ tenure to investigate the first disappearance of cocaine exhibits at the police headquarters. The former minister said he never had the chance to know the outcome of the committee’s hearings before he exited that ministry.