MCE, NDC In Blows

Kingsford Isaac Wilmot, a former Acting Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Evalue-Gwira constituency of the Western Region, has told Daily Guide that but for the presence of some Heads of Department of the Nzema East Municipal Assembly who were having a meeting with the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), James Cobbinah last Tuesday, he would have beaten the MCE mercilessly at his office. “The MCE was very lucky that by the time I confronted him, he was at a meeting with some heads of department of the assembly, otherwise I would have given him some slaps in his face”, Mr. Wilmot also known as Old Soldier bragged. He continued, “We have petitioned President John Mills to remove the Nzema East MCE from office because he had succeeded in dividing the membership of the party in the Evalue-Gwira constituency”. Explaining what caused the alleged fracas between him and the MCE, Mr. Wilmot narrated that about three months ago, he applied for a tricycle at the assembly under the Local Enterprise and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP) but declined to state what he would use it for. He indicated that originally, five tricycles were to be allocated to the assembly but later the MCE told those who had applied that the local government office had indicated it could only provide two tricycles. Mr. Wilmot noted that the MCE then made it clear that when the two tricycles arrived he would give them to the first two people on the list. According to Mr. Wilmot, it was one Patrick Zanu, an NDC activist, who applied first, followed by him, and then one Anthony Afram, also a party member. He noted that last Tuesday, he went to the district assembly to enquire whether the tricycles had arrived and to his amazement he was told that the two tricycles had already arrived and had been distributed to the first and third persons on the list. “In fact, when I heard it I was very furious so I decided to confront the MCE at his office but fortunately or unfortunately, when I got to the office he was having a meeting with some heads of department”, he added. On why he thought the MCE had allegedly discriminated against him, the current Axim Community Centre branch chairman of the NDC responded that for some time now the MCE had not been on good terms with him simply because he (Wilmot) supported one Isaac Amihere in the constituency’s parliamentary primaries, and not Mr Kessie. Wilmot pointed out that after the primaries, all party members who supported Amihere had been discriminated against by the MCE in all affairs of the party because the MCE supported Kessie. When Daily Guide contacted Rev James Cobbinah, the Nzema East MCE for his reaction, he confirmed the incident last Tuesday but declined to comment further, stating that it was a family affair which would be resolved.