Prez Mills Did Not Answer A Single Question Satisfactorily – NPP

The Central Regional Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwamena Duncan has pooh-poohed President Mills’ performance at the recent media interaction with Senior Journalists and Editors at the Osu, Castle, saying the president was not able to provide a satisfactory answer to even just one question. He accuses the President of either “swerving” or sometimes giving cheeky responses to the questions posed to him. President Mills on Monday January 9 interacted with senior editors in fulfillment of his pledge to run an open and transparent government. The event which lasted for an hour saw journalists ask questions about the work of President Mills’ government for the past three years and current issues relating to the administration. The media encounter which was on the theme, “Still Building A Better Ghana,” afforded members of the press (both local and international) the opportunity to grill President Mills who answered questions on the Action Year promises, STX Housing Project, the Woyomegate controversy, the Missing Cocaine/Baking Soda saga, his alleged frosty relationship with ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, amongst others. But contributing to discussions on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo Morning show, the Central Regional Secretary of the NPP opined that President Mills failed to give precise and satisfactory answers to most of the salient questions he was asked. To him, the President fell flat on his face on the issue of tackling corruption and wondered how a surprise visit by the President to the premises of the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) after Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ exposé of unbridled corruption at the sector be considered a way of fighting graft. “All the questions he was asked, there was not a single question he answered satisfactorily and I challenge anybody to point out to me one question that he did justice to. The question on corruption, he was asked what he is doing to tackle corruption, and all he could say was he has strengthen EOCO. Beyond strengthening EOCO, he added that when Anas did an investigation at CEPS, he went to the place and said he was highly angry and that where under this sun can an employer build a house within two years when actually in his own backyard, his appointees are putting up mansions in less than two years in power. Is paying a surprise visit to CEPS his major commitment to fighting corruption?” he asked with deep sarcasm. Clearly unimpressed with President Mills’ responses, Kwamena Duncan also expressed surprise at the three major reasons he (Mills) adduced on why Ghanaians should renew his mandate, saying his answer is enough grounds for him to be voted out of office. He rejected President Mills’ comment that the living conditions of Ghanaians have improved and that there is peace and stability in the country, wondering if the country was at war when President Mills assumed power. “…living conditions of Ghanaians has not improved, fuel prices are shooting up astronomically, parents can’t pay school fees, there is high rate of unemployment and people are even struggling to afford three square meals a day and he says this is a reason why he should be voted for again?...He spoke about peace and stability; is it not Mills who has been telling the entire country that he inherited a peaceful country? Besides was the country at war during Kufour and Rawlings’ era? So these are his major achievements upon which Ghanaians must renew his mandate? Truly, when there is nothing to say, no matter how hard you try, you will not have anything to say,” he surmised. Kwamena Duncan was emphatic that the Mills’ administration cannot boast of any extraordinary project not initiated before by any government upon which the electorate should consider and renew his mandate, adding that “they keep giving indications of projects they’ve completed yet they (NDC) are never able to show exactly where one can find them.”