CPP Flag-bearer Aspirant Invokes Nkrumah’s Spirit

Lawyer Bright Oblitie Akwetey, Aspiring Flag-bearer of Convention People’s Party (CPP) on Tuesday invoked the spirit of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Founder of the party as a first step towards strategising for Election 2012 with the launch of; “Bright Akwetey for CPP Flag-bearership slot,” at the Nkrumah Memorial Park in Accra. “I chose to launch my campaign on this holy ground, the Spirit of the CPP – the Spirit that propelled us as a people, to liberate ourselves from the clutches of foreign control and foreign domination, will be solidly revived to inspire and restore the CPP to the commanding heights of influence in government and the State where we have been conspicuously absent for much too long. “We are gathered on this most revered ground partly to signal the launch of a process of renewal and transformation of Ghana into a more prosperous, just and compassionate nation, just as Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah once did, when he declared on this very grounds Ghana’s independence on the eve of March, 6 1957,” Mr Akwetey stated. Mr Akwetey used the occasion to pay tribute to Dr Nkrumah as he observed a minute silence in front of the late President's statue in the midst of the park and at the grave side of Dr Nkrumah and Madam Fatia Nkrumah at the mausoleum. Led by a brass band and some leading members of the party, Mr Akwetey entered the sacred grounds amidst dancing and singing of CPP songs in honour of Osagyefo Dr Nkrumah and to inspire Mr Akwetey to take hold of the CPP Flag for Election 2012. Lawyer Akwetey said: “I am here to seek the support of the teeming majority of CPP members to entrust me with the mantle to lead our great party to contest the forthcoming Presidential Election and I pledge to work tirelessly together with our committed party leaders and members to secure a historic victory at the polls. “It is time to bring back the CPP into its historic role as the formidable political organisation that was once the thought-leader on Pan-Africanism, African unity and integration, African self-determination and self-confidence. “It is also time to reposition the CPP as the most capable builder of the modern unitary State that once steered an industrialised economy and propelled the creation of an inclusive, caring and unified nation called Ghana. “Our wandering in the political wilderness since February 1966 and December 1981 have taken too long, and have had a negative toll on the advancement of Ghana’s and Africa’s joint development and influence in global affairs. “Today, the people of Ghana, from all walks of life crave our quick return to the Government and political leadership of the process of re-building a more vibrant and resurgent nation and State than we have today. “It is in response to this important call to duty that I have decided to offer myself to the CPP to be elected as the flag bearer for Election 2012”. Mr Akwetey said: “My decision is informed by my conviction that much more than ever our great and time-honoured party is best placed to change the architecture of representation in Parliament and the leadership of government by the President. “I call on delegates to vote massively for me to provide a decisive leadership and join forces with the leadership to revamp our party for a greater impact in governance”. The campaign launch was observed by high profile personalities in the party, academia and the legal profession.