Gov’t Accuses Woyome & Waterville Of Colluding To Dupe The State

…Particulars of fraud as outlined by Attorney-General in court! a. On 4th May 2005, the then Deputy Minister of Finance signed a letter of introduction which was given to the Defendant in which it was stated that the Government of Ghana did not bear responsibility for any liabilities that will arise from the transactions. Subsequently, following a change in government the Defendant knowing the contents of the 4th May, 2005 letter and the disclaimer in the said letter, knowingly and fraudulently misrepresented to the Attorney-General that he was entitled to his claim. *b. That the Defendant in making his misrepresentation to the Attorney-General knew that his claim was untrue. *c. That the Defendant intended to deceive the Attorney-General to authorize payment for the sum he was claiming when indeed he knew that the Government of Ghana was not liable to pay the said sum to him. *d. That the Plaintiff herein upon these misrepresentations that the Government of Ghana was liable to pay the 2% for financial engineering, authorized payments in several installments to the Defendant. *e. THAT THE DEFENDANT COLLUDED WITH WATERVILLE TO WRITE TO THE PLAINTIFF MISREPRESENTING AND SUPPORTING THE CLAIMS OF THE DEFENDANT WHEN BOTH DEFENDANT AND WATERVILLE KNEW THAT THE DEFENDANT DID NOT HAVE ANY CLAIMS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT. *f. Consequently the Government of Ghana has lost the sum of GH˘51,283,480.59 which the Plaintiff paid to the Defendant. * (Source: NOTICE OF MOTION: APPLICATION FOR LEAVE TO AMEND BY SUBSTITUTION THE AMENDED WRIT OF SUMMONS AND AMENDED STATEMENT OF CLAIM (ORDER 16 RULES OF C.I. 47) January 30, 2012 NB: Find attached a letter written by Waterville to the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice on April, 20th, 2011. View Attached Letter >>