Cabinet Reshuffle: Mills Is Still Running B Team - CPP

The Convention People�s Party (CPP) of Ghana has said it is disappointed some ministers still remain in government after Wednesday�s ministerial reshuffle and new appointments. According to the party, the Health Minister-designate, Alban Bagbin, was a failure at his former ministry and so does not deserve the new appointment. The party, however, expressed satisfaction at the exclusion of former Health Minister, Joseph Yieleh Chireh, from cabinet.According to the Communication Director of the CPP, Nii Armah Akomfrah, the NDC government is going through crisis following the resignation of a minister and the sacking of another in a spate of three weeks. �They needed a major injection of talent to turn them into an A team,� Akomfrah told Citi News. �You�d ask yourself if what has been is a B+ or a B- and many nurses and doctors would welcome the fact that Yieleh Chireh has left the Health Ministry, but they would be wondering whether Alban Bagbin is going to bring anything different considering the colossal failure at the Housing Ministry. � He added: �This has not been the change that is needed to inject massive new talent to firm their B team into a B+ or even an A. Yieleh Chireh is gone, I think that�s a good sign. I�m not sure that Alban Bagbin would be seen as successful minister who should remain in Ghana. �