NDC Serial Caller Rewarded With Two Vehicles Still Expects More

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rewarded a staunch member of the party and a serial caller, Dr. Asemfofro (real name Osei Yaw Nketia) with two vehicles. An ardent critic of the NPP, Dr Asemfoforo, who is virtually heard on every radio station defending the NDC, was given a pick-up from Vice President John Mahama, and a saloon car from Minister of State at the Presidency, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo ostensibly for his commitment and dedication to the party. Months ago, Dr. Asemfoforo was widely reported to have been bed-ridden due to ill health and his call for help from the NDC went unnoticed. He claims he fought for the party when some ministers who now ride in expensive cars were nowhere. But that seems to be in the past now because speaking in an exclusive interview with Peacefmonline.com, Dr. Asemfofro disclosed that he sees the donation as a form of thank you for mobilizing massive support for the NDC before and during the 2008 elections. He has thus pledged to lead foot soldiers to campaign massively for the NDC this year because of the donation; a decision which is in variance to his earlier position to lead a campaign for the NPP against the ruling government because the NDC had been ungrateful to him. “Vice President John Mahama and Afotey Agbo have given me two cars; a pick up and an Opel Caravan for my contribution to the NDC…I am a serial caller and I have defended the party since 2001 with my sweat, energy and life, but I’ve been languishing in poverty even though the NDC is in power…I’ve been chasing for contracts since we (NDC) came to power but my pleas fell on deaf ears until vice president Mahama honored him with the cars,” he said. But like Oliver Twist, the NDC staunch activist still expects more. To him, this particular donation was from the Veep and therefore is still awaiting the NDC as a party to honor him for his hard work by offering him a good job else, he might be compelled to sell the cars since he cannot be mobile without fuel. “I am still looking forward to the NDC rewarding me…I told them (NDC gov’t)to give me a job and a building contract; I could have constructed some of the houses if government had given me part of the STX contract…If I have a car and I’m still poor and can’t buy fuel, I will sell the car,” he said.