Employment Creation Is My Aim - Moses Asaga

Minister-designate for Employment and Social Welfare, Moses Asaga, says he aims at creating employment opportunities for the people of Ghana. He says when vetted in as the Minster for Employment and Social Welfare, his focus would be to resolve the unemployment problems stagnating the nation. He explained that the unemployment rate is overwhelmingly festering not only in Ghana but globally and with his expertise, he hopes to stifle the upsurge of the situation. He said his appointment will bring relief to Ghanaians as he adopts a new approach to curb the unemployment menace collapsing the economy. I think these problems are global. We know that unemployment is a big issue in the US, unemployment is a very big issue in Western Europe and it is the same unemployment in North Africa that created the Arab spring. So, it means that unemployment and employment are very challenging issues and then, I will try to see how we can grow the economy. He stated that his experiences with the Trade and Finance Ministries would up his work at the Ministry and continued that he will negotiate with the various labour groups in the country to devise proper means to end this menace, both in the private and public sectors.