Seventy Year Old Man Murders Wife

Salifu Ayamba, a 70-year old farmer was on Friday remanded into prison custody by the Mpraeso Circuit Court for slashing his 50-year old wife to death on the suspicion of infidelity. The plea of the farmer, Salifu Ayamba, was not taken and was remanded into police custody to reappear on March 9 for trial. Detective Police Inspector Christian Apronti told the court that Ayamba and his wife, Lamisi Abugri, had been married for a long period and were blessed with many children, some of them in second cycle schools. He said Ayamba was married to two women including Lamisi who were staying in his hometown at Garu. He said Ayamba who was always visiting the two wives at Garu allowed Lamisi to come and stay with him at Nkawkaw to enable her to trade in order to cater for her children’s education. Detective Police Inspector Apronti said eversince she came down, Ayamba kept accusing her of infidelity. He said on February sixth, Ayamba traveled from Mpraeso where he stays to Nkawkaw with the intention to arrest the man who was flirting with his wife. He said two days later, Ayamba went to lay ambush around Lamisi house at Nkawkaw-Asuogya with a sharp cutlass. Detective Police Inspector Apronti said not quite long, Ayamba saw the wife being led by a man towards the house holding a gun and as Lamisi entered her room, Ayamba rushed and pull her out accusing her of being unfaithful. He said Ayamba then started slashing the wife with the cutlass where she sustained severe wounds all over her body and started bleeding profusely. He said neighbours who heard Lamisi shout for assistance rushed to her aid and took her to the Holy Family Hospital at Nkawkaw and Ayamba sensing danger threw the cutlass away and fled the house but later reported himself to the police and was arrested and charged with the offence. Detective Police Inspector Apronti said Ayamba led the police to the crime scene and later to the hospital where they saw Lamisi dead.