Senegal Holds Controversial Poll

People in Senegal are set to vote in a presidential election, with incumbent Abdoulaye Wade seeking a controversial third term. Mr Wade's re-election bid sparked protests in which several people died. Last month the country's highest court, the Constitutional Council, announced that he could stand for a third term despite a two-term limit. The court also barred world-renowned singer, Youssou N'Dour, from standing in the election. He said that allowing Mr Wade to run amounted to a constitutional coup d'etat. The court ruled in January that 85-year-old Mr Wade could stand in Sunday's election. Judges said his first term did not count as it had begun before the two-term limit was introduced in 2001. Once a veteran opposition leader himself, Mr Wade was first elected in 2000 - ending 40 years of rule by the Socialist Party. Senegal, a former French colony, is seen as a stable democracy with an unbroken series of elections since independence in 1960. It remains the only West African country where the army has never seized power.