Hannah Bissiw's Accusations Are Lame And Without Substance

The National Women's Organizer of the opposition NDC, Hannah Louisa Bissiw, in a press conference on Sunday, May 12, 2019, blamed the Akufo-Addo administration for supervising what she termed as increased state of insecurity and lawlessness in the country.

Rehashing the litany of propaganda-laden stories invented in their party's headquarters, Hannah Bissiw 'bemoaned' the increased kidnappings in the country, and particularized her focus on the three kidnapped girls from the Secondi-Takoradi enclave.

Bissiw, predictably, rained invectives on the CID boss and accused her of misleading the general public into believing that the kidnapped girls had been rescued and would soon be reunited with their parents. This, clearly, is a twisted version of what the CID boss actually said.

Without abandoning her trait of absurdity, Hannah Bissiw finds it unfathomable that President Akufo-Addo would jubilate over the qualification of Tottenham Hotspurs to the UEFA Champions League final but is not bringing the same zeal into efforts aimed at protecting the ordinary Ghanaian from kidnappings and other criminal acts.

As if one were a clairvoyant, the veterinary expert bulldozed her way quickly into Ahmed Suale's assassination saga. She spared no time in blaming Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for the murder of Ahmed Suale and also lambasted the security services for being lethargic in their efforts to arrest the criminals behind his murder.

Ayawaso West Wuogon also featured in her presser as she recounted a very gloomy picture of what transpired during the recent by-election. It is worth noting the fact that in all these cases which themed the press conference, Hannah Bissiw attempted to paint a picture of painful and excruciating experiences of the mothers, wives and children of the victims.

Concluding her statement, among other things, she asked people charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the afore-mentioned cases to resign from office if they are unable to bring back the kidnapped girls or find the perpetrators of the various crimes she identified.

Apart from her philippic attacks on His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, very little in terms of facts and substance could be deduced from the press statement.

First and foremost, it is heartrending for Hannah Bissiw to use Mothers' Day to remind the mothers of the kidnapped Takoradi girls of their traumatic experiences. Only an unfeeling, inconsiderate and coldhearted soul would remind these mothers of their painful experiences on such an august occasion.

Let us assume without admitting that there have been increased spates of crimes in the country, is Bissiw saying that under the NDC, crimes she verbosely articulated were non-existent in Ghana? It is a fallacy for her and her cohorts to be advancing such a stance!

It is an irrefutable fact that parents, children, wives, mothers and other family members of the kidnapped girls and Ahmed Suale are agonizing over the predicaments which have befallen them, but what about the wives, kids and family members of J. B. Danquah Adu and the murdered DCE under John Mahama? They have no blood flowing through their veins and cannot, therefore, feel pains, according to the warped logic of Hannah Bissiw.

Naaba, Collins Dauda's brother, killed and maimed innocent citizens in the Ahafo zone. Those he killed and wounded, don't they have wives and kids? Eric Opoku has been tormenting people in his constituency for years. In fact, he even hid one criminal under his bed in Accra when the police were after him, and I would like to ask, are these people without relatives?

It verges on the ridiculous for Bissiw to try to establish a relationship between the President's jubilant mood when Tottenham Hotspurs won over Ajax Amsterdam and the zeal and determination required to defeat the criminals who Bissiw claims are on rampage. Where from this logic?

The President, inferring from Hannah Bissiw's jejune statement, must not watch football because crimes are going on in the country. Why don't they ask President Akufo-Addo to stop eating till the time he is able to solve all the challenges confronting this country?

Is it not ironic that the National Women's Organizer of the opposition party, the sensitive, caring and humanity-personified Hannah Bissiw, after losing her seat in Tano South, heartlessly went to the Techimantia Poly-Clinic and asked the staff to return some beds she claimed to have donated. The beds were being used by women and children. They were being used by mothers and their kids, the very people she is hypocritically shouting she is fighting for. What moral justification does Hannah Bissiw have to be chastising this administration on issues relating to women and children?

In Tano South, Hannah Bissiw, prior to the 2016 elections, imported thugs into the zone who terrorized members of the then opposition NPP. Collins Offinam-Takyi (current MCE for the municipality), Rashid Sulemana, Kwadwo Awuah and others were brutalized by Hannah Bissiw's criminal gang. Somehow, Bissiw is saying that these people have been orphaned and do not have relatives who would grieve over their sufferings. The pot is now calling the kettle black!

Let me conclude by addressing the lawlessness Hannah Bissiw claims has increased. Ofosu-Ampofo has been invited by the police CID and these same NDC members have vowed never to allow him to honor that invitation. This is lawlessness at its apogee!

To crown all these, it is common knowledge that the so-called increased spates of criminal activities like kidnappings and arsons are being perpetrated by the NDC following the clandestine meeting Ofosu-Ampofo held with some party stalwarts and plotted to execute a series of crimes to destabilize this country security-wise.

How Hannah Bissiw, the National Women's Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress would tend to blame this administration for crimes they (NDC) are perpetrating is puzzling, putting it mildly.

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