Mahama And Jane Ticket: NDC Leave Graduate Trainees No Option Than To Reject Them Again

It will be out of order for Madam Jane Opoku-Agyemang now running mate to the NDC’s presidential candidate to step out to campaign to graduates trainees or trainee teachers or nurses. It will be insulting for this pair to campaign to any trainee teacher or nurse.
During our time in the training school, President Mahama was advised against paying us allowances by then Minister of Education, Nana Opoku-Agyemang. Unfortunately, Mr. Mahama insensitively cancelled our allowances.
We couldn’t believe it until the allowances which kept most of the less-privileged amongst us in school cancelled.
Some of us suffered to the core before we were able to complete our program, whiles others could not continue their education for lack of funds.
Some of us relied heavily on the allowances to pay our fees and when it was cancelled, it affected us badly.
We do not need to lament further because of the impact of the cancellation of the trainees' allowances by Mr. Mahama and Jane is widely known by everyone in Ghana.
So, if today, what the NDC could present to us are the same faces that took us to hell and treated us so badly, then we are left with no choice but to reject NDC again.
It wouldn’t add up that after what Mr. Mahama and Madam Jane took us through, we may vote for them.
We may have to be out of our minds to vote for this pair of persons who didn’t care about us. It couldn’t be reasonable or there will not any justifiable reason to vote for this pair, especially when the current government has restored what was cancelled by Jane and John.
We hereby call on all other concerned groups to join us to reject the NDC again.

Rebecca Koomson
Convener, Concerned Graduate Trainees

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