Ghanaians Should Always Give Thanks To God – Rev Dr. Aryee

Reverend Dr. Joyce R. Aryee has said Ghanaians should always give thanks to the almighty God for his goodness and mercy given to this country and the peace and tolerance.

Rev Dr. Aryee said Ghanaians lived in relative peace though with different tribes and religions.

Rev Dr. Aryee said this at a thanksgiving church service held at Burma comp Hall for Ghana Armed Forces Woman 60th celebration.

She said God promised his followers a better place thus heaven in future so Christians should have faith and trust in him and pray to God to guide their paths.

Rev Dr Aryee advised the Ghana Armed Forces Women to give their mind, heart, soul to Christ Jesus more than anything especially the material things they see.

‘I urge you all to work hard in all departments as a woman in the Ghana Armed Forces and I know that one day we will have the female Chief of the Army Staff’.

Major General SA Odotei Djan (RTD) former AMB and Chief of the Army Staff said Ghana Armed Forces’ future was bright since they were number two in peacekeeping in terms of women in the Armed Forces.

Major. General. Djan urged the commanders to seek for the balances in postings in terms of gender.
He urged the Ghana Armed Forces Women to bring Ghana to the first position in peacekeeping and have a female Chief of Defence Staff and as well as first GOC.

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