National Themes Of Farmer’s Day Over The Decades

As the nation celebrates its 35th National Farmer’s Day, the Ghana News Agency publishes the themes that have reflected the focus of the successive Governments since 1990.

1990 - Increased Agricultural Production for a Better Tomorrow

1991 - Sustained Agricultural Production, Hallmark of the 31st December Revolution

1992 - Agriculture and the Ghanaian Economy Eleven Years in Retrospect

1993 - An Efficient Marketing System A Booster to Sustained Agricultural and Industrial Growth

1994 - Food Preservation for Price Stability

1995 - Scientific Farming for Higher Productivity

1996 - The Human Resource: A Crucial Factor in Agricultural Development

1997 - Sustainable Food Security: A Challenge to the Youth

1998 - Empowering the Youth for Accelerated Agricultural Growth

1999 - Effective Marketing Promotes Agricultural Production

2000 - Processing of Agricultural Produce the Way Forward

2001 - Let Us Grow What We Eat, Eat What We Grow and Can What We Cannot

2002 - Modernising Agriculture to Enhance Rural Development

2003 - Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Food Security Through Improved Agric-Business

2004 - Food Safety and Improved Nutrition for a Healthy and Active Nation

2005 - Agricultural Production and Productivity the Key to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

2006 - The Youth Employment Program: An Avenue for Sustaining Agricultural Development

2007 - Ghana @ 50: Progress and Challenges of Sustainable Agricultural Development

2008 - Globalization: Its effects on Agricultural Production in Ghana.

2009 - Accelerated Agricultural Modernization for Food Security and Economic Transformation

2010 - Grow More Food

2011 - Grow More Food: Research for Sustainable Agriculture Development

2012 - Grow More Food: Strengthening FBOs for better market place bargaining Power

2013 - Reducing Post-Harvest Losses for Sustainable Food Security and Nutrition

2014 - Eat What You Grow

2015 - Transform Ghana: Invest in Agriculture.

2016 - Agriculture: A Business Response to Economic Growth

2017 - Farming for Food and Jobs

2018 - Agriculture: Moving Ghana Beyond Aid.

2019 - Enhancing Small Scale agriculture Towards Agribusiness Development

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